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Events to convey the message of godlets march towards satyug. Now what is truth or self cannot be explained by words and anything that is said about the truth or the self is not true and any knowledge about it is a contradiction in the mind. Past papers with solutions from march 2008 syllabus the following books are now available online in pdf format. These two voluntary examinations based on the books bal satsang 1 and bal satsang 2 have been tremendously successful. Silence of the heart has at its core the meditation practice called selfinquiry. Swatantrata diwas per satyug darshan trust ka sandesh in newspaper and tv. Oct 11, 2019 miraculously, i found a replacement girl within a day, who not only was a student but also wanted the contract for exactly 6 months period. May 1, 2007 video feature video instructions show the following video at this point in the program. Moreover, daily personal satsang offers a daily dose of spirituality in an online format. Shree sharda sharnam satsang, based on your vani spiritual discourses is enlightening the people in various states of india and the entire universe. The first exam, bal satsang 1, caters to children and over a period of twelve years ultimately culminates to pragna3, which is equivalent to the postgraduate level. The video can be found in either the science of spirituality satsang video series, or on the original tape.

April may june july august september october november december january 2020 february 2020 march 2020. In satsang you will have to devote time to not touching the past or the future. This is the only official website of radha soami satsang beas. Imponant words and lessons in each chapter are in bold. Parmarth niketan an abode dedicated to the welfare of all. I had not heard him sing before and was soooo incredibly surprised at his voice. It is also related to sitting with a sat guru, or in a group meeting seeking that association. Satsang at vasundhara faridabad, sunday, november 22, 201 5. May 18, 2018 posts about audio satsangs written by gurujisatsangs. The meaning of satsang is company of the absolute truth where sat means the absolute truth i.

More specifically, it is one of the textbooks for the fourth level examination, satsang pravin. The examinations are prepared, administered, and scored with strict academic standards and disciplines. An audio visual record of baps festivals and pramukh swami maharajs spiritual travels. Vyas ji is replying to a question asked by janmajay. This book has been designed to serve as part of the curriculum for the satsang examinations. Satsang vjhar, has been made to help if vou read it attentively, try to understand it, and put its teachings into practice, vou will be an ideal bal bhakta before you know it note. The spiritual practice of being in the presence of someone who has realized the self. This instant can be called satsang, but really it has no name.

The root words, sat and sanga, mean true and community, respectively. Satsang is a sanskrit term meaning being in the company of the truth or right association, and refers to a group of likeminded people who engage in a spiritual dialogue. The book is part of the curriculum for the third level of the satsang examinations, satsang parichay, conducted by the. Pujya bapujis satsang is a marvelous blend of the depth of meditation yoga, the joy of bhakti yoga and the knowledge of the ultimate truth of gyan yoga. If you like deva premals hauntingly beautiful voice, then you will not be disappointed with this live recording along with her partner, miten. As part of the bochasanwasi shri akshar purushottam swaminarayan sansthas multifarious sociospiritual activities, satsang examinations have been playing a fundamental role in enriching and enlightening thousands of devotees, young and old, with the knowledge of vedic, cultural and satsang values.

Satyug darshan trust vasundhara, faridabad about facebook. The next day, i got another great news that the accommodation i was planning to shift to, had taken over my previous accommodation, so my contract was easily shifted in a days time without any hassle. Subsequently, balsatsang examinations have been arranged. Maharaj has explained way of doing darshan in vachnamrut sarangpur 2. Darshan of murtis from around the world and guru darshan maintains ones focus on god admidst ones daily routine. Subsequently, bal satsang examinations have been arranged.

Satsang satsanga satsangam is a word which comes from sanskrit, meaning to associate with true people, or to be in the company of true people. Selfenquiry also spelled selfinquiry is a practice designed to rapidly bring about selfrealization, self awareness, spiritual liberation or enlightenment, and is most commonly associated. Svg charity, under the headship of his holy highness 1008 acharya shree ajendraprasadji maharaj vadtal, has decided to take initiative and provide distribution of aid, such as medicine, foodkits, handsanitizer, masks etc, to those who are adversely affected by the covid19 pandemic and lockdown as part of our duty as responsible citizens of. Thirdly, if there were to be the slightest infringement in his observance of the niyams of this satsang, he would feel extremely repentant and would immediately perform atonement. Kirtanamrut shree nishkulanand kavya shikshapatri shikshamrut shree swaminarayan mahamantra shree gunatitanand swami ni vato shree gopalanand swami ni vato. This entire book, satsang vjhar, has been made to help if vou read it attentively, try to understand it, and put its teachings into practice, vou will be an ideal bal. Satyug darshan vasundhara bhopanilalpur road, village bhopani, faridabad 121 002 national capital region of delhi, haryana, india. The book is part of the curriculum for the fourth level of the satsang examinations, satsang pravin, conducted by the. Weekly satsang sabha and ghar sabha provide a practical escape from the fastpaced, materialistic environment in which we live. Daily darshan of bhagwan swaminarayan and hh pramukh swami maharaj, with inspiring divine incidents from their lives in english and gujarati this site uses cookies. Bal satsang 1 bal satsang 1 audiobook bal satsang 1 gujarati. Dhyan kaksha school of equanimity and evensightedness. English 35 mb gujarati 51 mb english 19 mb gujarati 317 mb yogiji maharaj. Click on the links to download study materials for each paper.

Srimad bhagawatam audio book explained by premdhara mataji srimad bhagawatam skand 02 audio book srimad bhagavad gita chapter 07 audios in hindi. Satsang at vasundhara faridabad, sunday, may 21, 2017. This publication, satsang reader part 3, contains the short biographies of a selection of such sadhus and devotees since the time of bhagwan swaminarayan. The condition and qualities of a true lover of god page 5 of 12 created. See more of satyug darshan trust vasundhara, faridabad on facebook. Satyug darshan trust vasundhara, faridabad home facebook. Sat sahitya prakashan trust 16, vipul building 28, b. Satsang reading helps increase which of the following. Vyas ji says that in satyug, the brahmins had complete knowledge of the vedas. This publication in english is a translation of the gujarati book kishore satsang pravin.

Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Watch the video for a stunning darshan of mother ganga, and to view pujya swami chidanand saraswatiji munijis and sadhvi bhagawati saraswatis. It is the start and the end of what satsang and darshan is all about. Official website of all world gayatri pariwar, shantikunj haridwar. Many disciples living in foreign countries are also leading pure and simple life. In short, the meaning of satsang is an environment that is conducive for experiencing the presence of god. It is a translation of the gujarati book satsang vachanmala part 1.

Where and what maharaj has explained in vachnamrut, about way of doing darshan. Bal satsang exam book series learn with flashcards, games, and more for free. Rssb along with its international affiliates is a spiritual organization based on the teachings of all religions and dedicated to a process of inner development under the guidance of a spiritual teacher. One with such characteristics earns the complete trust of god and his sant. Satsang pragna 32 download bal satsang 1, bal satsang 2, satsang prarambha, satsang pravesh1, satsang pravesh2, satsang parichay1, satsang parichay2. You would be able to take advantage of daily darshan and daily katha as well as. If you enter into this you will discover the nature of peace, which is known as shanti. Audio satsangs 5 dubai satsangs 14 food for the soul 5 pictures 1 satsangs 229 shabads 1 surcharged with divine love 1 upcoming satsangs 16 useful information 9 video satsangs 8 what is sewa 1. Also, even if he were to entertain an evil thought in his mind, he would feel just as repentant and distressed as someone who had happened to physically infringe the.

Free spiritual teachings \ satsang audio recordings with nirmala. Satsang with satyananda in uk, europe and south america. Its also like a sacrificial pit, or a recycling center. Rashma gandhi shall be designated as managing trustee. When a bhakta does darshan of bhagvan, he should do so with a focused mind and concentrated vision. Daily darshan of bhagwan swaminarayan and hh pramukh swami maharaj, with inspiring divine incidents from their lives in english and gujarati. P ujya asharam ji bapu is the spiritual revolutionist, who has illumined the whole world with the spiritual esoteric knowledge of the scriptures making it lucid and interesting. Hh mahant swami maharajs vicharan 20 jan 2018, gondal, india param pujya mahant swami maharaj engrossed in darshan of shri ghanshyam maharaj. Jan 12, 2019 this latest update jan 2019 has all the previous features like web links to nitniyam, aarti, rameni, live satsang and other mp3 satsangs apart from an updated radio player. Home publications books books range from original scriptures, philosophical texts, spiritual biographies, to interesting volumes for teenagers and youths, as well as simple texts for children available in gujarati, english, hindi, sanskrit and other languages. Sat sahitya prakashan trust swami akhandanand saraswati.

So satsang is literally a truthgathering an informal gettogether of people to sit with the truth of their being, and occasionally, talk about it. Shrimad devi bhagwat puran, published from gitapress gorakhpur, edited by shri hanuman prasad poddar and chiman lal goswami. Radha swami this is a video collection of the aarti vinti most of which is from the param pawan granth the sarbachan by sant swami ji maharaj. Usually, im underwhelmed by so many singers but this is not the case here. God and sang refers to the company of seekers or saints.

Satyug darshan institute of education and research. This publication, satsang reader part 1, contains the short biographies of a selection of such sadhus and devotees since the time of bhagwan swaminarayan. Shree swaminarayan temple kundaldham and karelibaug. The avtar bani is the religious book of nirankari mission that outlines the key philosophy of the sant nirankari mission. Satsang at vasundhara faridabad, sunday, april, 2014 to march 22.

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